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We empower communities globally to deploy sustainable mobility faster.

Wunder is an urban mobility technology company. We empower communities globally to deploy sustainable mobility faster.

We are providing the full tech stack of new urban mobility solutions: carpooling, ride-sharing and smart shuttles, and free-floating car and scooter sharing. We deploy our technologies directly to consumers in Asia, Europe and Latin America as well as in technology partnerships with cities and the automotive industry.

Current Job Openings

Freie Stellen

Justus Toelle (Germany)

A Brazilian, a Thai, a Portuguese, a Pole and a German walk into a Korean BBQ Restaurant. What sounds like the first line of a joke is a regular Friday evening at Wunder. We are a really good team with close relationships. That’s what I appreciate about working here.

Tamy Ribeiro (Brazil) – Brand Partnerships

Wunder’s mission attracts incredible co-workers, passionate about the social impact that our work can have on someone’s life. The sense of autonomy and the freedom to apply skills in our daily work foster innovation and make Wunder a fast-paced, data-driven and ideal place to work and develop ourselves as professionals and as human beings.

Jared Beekhuyzen (Australia) – Video & Storytelling

The most exciting aspect of working at Wunder is the creative possibility. Telling stories for a product that has the potential to change people’s lives on different levels is the fuel every creative craves. That possibility is nurtured by the working enviroment; a dynamic office filled with a young international team.