Anca-Marina Petrea

QA Tester

Quality is not an act, it is a habit - Aristotle
  • Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Web Applications
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Quality is not an act, it is a habit - Aristotle

Anca started her IT career as a QA Test Engineer where she gained more than 2 years of experience in testing large scale web applications. Anca's strong points are attention to detail, fast pace learning, and the ability to cover a vast scale of edge of cases when it comes to designing tests.

Having a QA background, Anca is focused on quality when it comes to the code she writes. She believes testing is an important part of the software lifecycle and the very first tester of the code should be the developer himself.

As a QA Engineer, Anca obtained the ISTQB Foundation certification and for her development path she started taking courses on the Codecademy and Udacity platforms, where she learned the secrets of web technologies. Her next objectives are to improve web development skills along with testing automation skills.